AG to hold open year-end interviews December 10

The Kentucky Attorney General’s Office is holding its year-end interviews at 1 p.m. Monday, Dec. 10 in the AG’s conference room. As always the AG will talk about any subject.

Here are a few things that reporters may want to get updates on. The list is provided by the AG’s Office in a news release about the interview session.

Martin County Water District review by the AG’s office.

The 9 opioid lawsuits, 8 filed in 2018:

Arizona (Insys) filed in Hardin County: Nov. 19, 2018

Pennsylvania (Teva) filed in Fayette County: Oct. 25, 2018

Missouri (Mallinckrodt) filed in Madison County: July 12, 2018

Illinois (Walgreens) filed in Boone County: June 14, 2018

New Jersey (Johnson & Johnson’s Janssen) in McCracken County: April 18, 2018

Pennsylvania (AmerisourceBergen) filed in Floyd County: March 8, 2018

Ohio (Cardinal Health) filed in Jefferson County: Feb. 19, 2018

California (McKesson Corporation) filed in Franklin County: Jan. 22, 2018

Pennsylvania (Endo Pharmaceuticals) filed in Franklin County: Nov. 6, 2017

We have successfully kept four of the opioid lawsuits in Kentucky courts. Three of the four additional suits are also pending in state court. 2019 will focus on keeping these in Kentucky court and not the Multi-district case in Cleveland.

Currently, our office is fighting against an unprecedented number of investor-owned utility rate cases before the Public Service Commission. The proposed total impact of these cases would mean a nearly $200 million annual rate increase to folks. The five cases we are talking about and will continue to intervene in 2019 include:

Duke Energy (gas rate case)

Atmos Energy (gas rate case)

Louisville Gas and Electric (gas and electric rate case)

Kentucky Utilities (electric rate case)

Kentucky American Water (water rate case)

 Child victims identified and rescued through cyber investigations – 12, the highest number in Cyber Unit history.

 There are currently 31 active human trafficking cases.

 There are currently 39 arrests in 2018 related to human trafficking (more than any other year) and other related offenses. More recognizable cases include May conviction of former District Judge Timothy Nolan in Kenton County, the related November arrest of Northern Kentucky attorney Robert Poole and the February arrest at a Louisville home of two individuals who were arrested and charged with trafficking two 16-year-old girls.

 Update on partnership with TARC on human trafficking initiative. Our office trained all management, middle management and more than 400 drivers over the course a week in October.

 Office has funded nearly 200 child sexual abuse medical exams.

 Cold Case Unit moved from testing into opening cold cases based on DNA evidence from tested kits. See more in 2019 but two indictments in Jefferson and McCracken. Our Cold Case Prosecutor is handling McCracken case.

Transparency win in KSU case. After the school did not appeal Wingate’s ruling, we ruled last week they have to turn over sexual harassment documents to reporters. Updates on similar cases with UK and WKU.

Legislative agenda and thoughts on upcoming session (will our office once again be a target).

Thoughts on possible Dec. 13 pension ruling and call for expanded gaming.

In the Marathon Price Gouging Case in Franklin Circuit Court, we got a Sept. 28 ruling from Judge Wingate allowing us to depose Marathon CEO Gary Heminger. We deposed him last Friday, Nov. 30. This case started in 2007 under the previous AG and has limped along but Andy is pushing for resolution on this and the deposition was a major step forward. I have a copy of Wingate’s order if you want it. The case is set for trial June 2019.

On Nov. 20, McCracken Circuit Court denied Johnson & Johnson’s motion to dismiss our opioid case against them.

We will have a year-end release too.  

As always we hope you can join us and just let me know if you have any question.

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