Alarming stats about Kentucky’s numbers shows more reasons to promote Child Abuse Prevention Month

Earlier this week, alarming statistics were released about the number of child abuse reports in the U.S. The breakdown by state showed even more concern because Kentucky has more child abuse cases per 1,000 children than any other state. It’s another of those areas where Kentucky does not want to be at the top.

April is Child Abuse Prevention Month and with the release of the depth of the problem in the state and across the U.S., it’s a perfect time for newspapers to help the public take note and learn more about it and what to do to help. A couple of weeks ago, we made the Prevent Child Abuse Kentucky media packet available to you. It’s designed especially for KPA members in pdf format. I’ve attached it again this week, hoping you’ll take a more serious approach and help promote the month.  2019 CHILD ABUSE PREVENTION MONTH

If anything good came from the report, it’s that the number of deaths in Kentucky attributed to child abuse (10 total in 2017) is the lowest in the last five years. And it’s down from 23 in 2013. Of the 44 states reporting, only 11 had fewer deaths as a result of child abuse than Kentucky.

In the 2017 totals, where Kentucky ranked at the top of states per 1,000 children (defined as a person who has not reached the 18th birthday), there were something like 25,000 cases reported in Kentucky.

I asked Laura Chowning with Prevent Child Abuse Kentucky to help with this segment and she gave me more current information that the study quoted in news reports earlier this week.

Laura emailed me: “In CY 2018, there were 28,709 children involved in substantiated cases, as well as cases of families in need of services.  The latter (in needs of services) means their case was investigated, but didn’t meet the requirements for substantiation, and the DCBS was able to provide resource linkage and services to help the family.  This data is found here, which was provided to us by CHFS DCBS: ”

Take a look at the media packet linked in the second graph above and help get the word out about Child Abuse Prevention Month. If you need more information, feel free to contact Jill Seyfred, executive director of PCAK, at or Laura Chowning,, external communications and engagement manager. You can call them at 859.225.8879.

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