All the bills have been filed for 2023 General Assembly (880 total)

Looks like the 2023 Kentucky General Assembly will end with a total of 880 bills filed, 286 of those in the Senate and 594 in the House.

That’s because the filing deadline for new bills passed this week – Tuesday for the Senate, Wednesday for the House. Of course, it’s always possible bills that didn’t make it into the hopper in time will show up in legislation amended during the final days of the 30-day session.

Today (February 24) is the 16th day of the scheduled 30 days with an absolute adjournment by the constitution to be March 30. After two more weeks of committee meetings, Concurrence is set for March 15 and 16 before a 10-day Veto Recess period. The legislature returns March 29 and Sine Die is set for March 30.

So how does this session’s number of bills compare with previous odd-year, 30-day sessions?

In 2023, a total of 880 bills, with 594 of those in the House.

In 2021, it ekes out the highest number, with 595 in the House and 286 in the Senate for 881 total bills.

In 2019, the Senate had 264 bills, the House 525 (789 total)

In 2017, the Senate had 253 bills, the House 540 (793 total)

In 2015, the Senate had 209, the House 548 (757 total)

The first odd-year Regular Session happened in 2001 after Kentucky voters allowed for annual sessions. That year, the Senate had 192 bills filed, the House 387, more than 200 less than the House had during the current session. In that span, the Senate’s 286 bills in 2021 and 2023 are its highest number of legislation filed while the 595 in 2021, one more than this session, is the House’s largest number. By comparison the Regular 60-day session, the last one being in 2022, resulted in 1,165 total bills with 783 of those in the House.

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