An Open Letter to KPA members, reference 2022 KPA Winter Convention

As of this morning, a grand total of 40 people had registered for the convention or reserved a seat at the awards banquet. 


KPA President Sharon Burton

Dear fellow KPA members,

It’s that time of year when we all come together to celebrate our industry, to connect with our peers and to catch up on the latest information and trends that affect what we do.

While we are still dealing with Covid-19, our board members decided an in-person meeting could happen successfully this year. We have made some adjustments, but we are ready for a great convention.

I want everyone to know that we have an excellent board of directors and there is a renewed energy and a lot of great ideas about how KPA can meet the needs of a rapidly changing industry. Our board recognizes that Kentucky papers and our members have gone through a tremendous amount of change in recent years. We want to make sure that the Kentucky Press Association is changing also and meeting the needs of today. We can only do that, however, if our members are actively involved and helping to develop the vision for the future.

The 2022 convention is a time for us to come together with a fresh start and consider what our association should look like. For instance, our board has developed ideas for the past two years on how we can reshape the convention for our members who may find it difficult to get away from the job even for one day. Our goal is to have one action-packed day so members can stay overnight if they choose but can also participate without spending too much time away.

Plans for some of our sessions this year have not worked out because of the pandemic, but we are still planning some great sessions. In fact, the parts that haven’t worked out may be just what we need to implement some of our plans – There will be at least three “roundtable” sessions – interactive sessions where we share our experiences and ideas with each other. In these sessions, you will learn from your peers how they are generating revenue with special sections that provide quality editorial content. You will hear from others about their experiences using online video.  We are still finalizing what these interactive sessions will look like, but I am convinced they will be the some of the best sessions we have ever offered because the ideas are coming from our members. You do not want to miss these!

Please know that we are still working to make sure the convention is more than you could ask for. Get registered and come prepared to share your success stories and to come away with new ideas from others.

I speak for the board when I say that we hope you will attend this year’s convention and be part of the conversation as we consider the role KPA plays in your lives and your workplace. This organization has been a vital part of our industry for more than 150 years and our efforts will ensure that it will remain so in years to come.

I look forward to seeing you in Louisville!

Sharon Burton

2021 Kentucky Press Association President

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