And then there was one

The final day of the 2019 Kentucky General Assembly will be Thursday, March 28. The final day is recognized as a “veto override” day but with some legislation still in play and so far no vetoes from the governor’s office, expect the House and Senate to spend the day trying to get through more legislation. That could also lead to numerous recesses throughout the day for committees and caucuses to convene to make determinations on what legislation will be put to a vote.

If they do pass anything Thursday and send it to the governor, there will be no opportunity to override any veto he might issue.

It appears the two major Open Records bills we’ve battled on this session — Senate Bill 193 and House Bill 387 — are dead, unless another legislative vehicle is found to which one or both can be attached. That could happen but both sponsors — Sen. Danny Carroll and Rep. Jason Petrie — have indicated the bills won’t be further addressed this session and they’ll spend time between not and January, 2020, trying to get the language is acceptable form.

Both chambers are scheduled to go into session at 12 noon Eastern. There are no committee meetings currently scheduled up until them but schedules can change if there’s need to get action on a bill.

The 2020 session is scheduled to convene on Tuesday, January 7.


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