And you’re waiting to register for the contest because….?

Deadline to enter is 4:30 p.m./Eastern, Friday, October 18



Information about the 2019 Advertising Excellence in Kentucky Newspapers and the 2019 Excellence in Kentucky Newspapers (News) contests have been made available to all KPA members. The contest is for all issues published between October 1, 2018, and September 30, 2019. The entry deadline date is 4:30 p.m./Eastern on Friday, October 18.

The first bullet point on the contest list is to get registered to enter the contests and newspapers have been given specific instructions about accessing the ACES Contest system and how to register. Then the pace is up to newspapers as long as they meet the 4:30 p.m./Eastern deadline on Friday, October 18. That’s when the system will be closed and no other entries will be allowed.

The Associated Press is sponsoring the Jon Fleischaker Freedom of Information Award category

There have been no changes in the Advertising categories but there have been additions, tweaks and a deletion in the News Contest. Gone is the Best Lifestyle Page, a category that drew the fewest number of entries over the last three years. New in 2019 is the Jon Fleischaker Freedom of Information Award, sponsored by the Associated Press, and Best Video. Tweaks were made in four “Best” categories and in combining Best Special Section with Best Sports Special Section as one category.

If you did not see the email or it hasn’t been passed along by the publisher, editor or ad manager (all received the initial email) then let me know and I’ll send you the information. For the time being, go to this website to get registered:

Here are the newspapers who’ve taken a minute to fill out the registration form:

The Bridge, Somerset Community College

Berea Citizen

Elizabethtown News Enterprise

Harlan Daily Enterprise

Central Kentucky News Journal

Owenton News Herald

Kentucky New Era

Crittenden Press

Grant County News

Kentucky Standard

LaRue County Herald News

Springfield Sun

Lebanon Enterprise


Time’s a’wastin’! Don’t just sit there. Get registered today so you won’t be doing that at the last minute.

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