Anna Murrell – Adair County Community Voice Inter

Anna Murrell

Future is now ‘crystal clear’


Growing up in Adair County, I watched my parents read the Adair County Community Voice newspaper each week. I had no idea that I would one day have the privilege to work for ACCV and that it would make such an impact on my future career and life.

My love for writing and storytelling led me to a Communication major and Journalism minor at Lindsey Wilson College. My college courses were informative, but I wasn’t exactly getting a taste of what real communication and journalism was like. Luckily, my internship helped me experience just that.

Upon beginning my internship with ACCV, I was given the responsibility of photography, creating ads and editing pictures, all of which I was thankful I had experience in. Eventually, I moved on to writing my own stories. I quickly found my unique style of writing, and with my editors’ encouragement, I also found confidence in my work. Along with almost weekly articles in the paper, I was proud to assist with writing and photography for the Discover Adair County magazine, which is an annual magazine published by ACCV featuring the aspects that make up our community.

Sales and marketing was the one aspect of newspaper that I was unfamiliar with, but it was one I quickly came to enjoy. Throughout my whole internship I also learned how to read public record documents like land deeds and court dockets, and I also learned more about government, health and some of the amazing people we have in the Adair county community.

I honestly loved every part of newspaper that I dabbled in while here. This experience gave me a glimpse of what the real world is like, and showed me that I have what it takes to make it out here. Lastly, I treasure the advice and knowledge I got from every single employee at ACCV. Not only did they teach me about newspaper, they taught me about life in a time when I needed it.

Nearing the end of my internship, I can say that what I was unsure about for my future before is now crystal clear. Journalism is something that I love, and even if life doesn’t take me into that field, it will always have a place in my heart.

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