AP StoryShare is ready to launch

More than 90 accounts already logged, several stories, columns have been uploaded for use

The newest KPA Member Service — the AP StoryShare Project — is ready to launch. The “official” date is September 1 but wanting to make sure copy was available as newspapers signed on, project manager Larry Rosenthal has already coerced content from KPA members.

So it’s there and to access it, all you need is to have an account. If you’ve already done that, then go ahead and take a look at the stories and columns/editorials that have been uploaded by members. And if you don’t have an account, time’s a’wastin’.

To get set up so you can use it, email the following information to Larry Rosenthal at lrosenthal_contractor@ap.org



News Organization:

Email address:

Phone number:

With your account in-hand, go ahead and check out AP StoryShare for the stories already submitted by your fellow KPA members. And then remember to pick two or three or a few each week to upload. Whether features or sports or business or education or news or even columns or editorials, pick some out and make them available for other KPA members to use. And pictures are encouraged as well. Just remember, though, that if the photo is not by a newspaper staff member, to get the permission statement from the photographer so that other newspapers can use it without harm.

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