AP StoryShare launches with 96 accounts and 43 stories, photos posted

KPA’s newest member service, AP StoryShare, officially launched September 1 and is now available to use for those newspapers who have established an account.

So far, 96 are listed as contacts for their respective KPA member papers and already, 43 stories and picture are posted for use.

While similar to the popular Kentucky Press News Service that was shutdown when the pandemic hit in the Spring 2020, AP StoryShare requires newspapers to select their stories and pictures to post and then upload those to the website. Any article or photo posted is available for use by those who have an account. Only ones with an account will be given access to the site to download articles and upload stories.

If you have not yet set up an account or want training on using the site, including how to post a story or download an article to use, contact project manager Larry Rosenthal at lrosenthal_contractor@ap.org.

When the KPA Board voted unanimously on July 16 to offer AP StoryShare to our members, it included the first-year payment for the service for all members. So AP StoryShare is free for the first year to KPA members who have paid dues. The Board also voted to evaluate the service in the Fall of 2022 about continuing the service.

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