AP’s Jon Fleischaker Freedom of Information Award and the new Journalist of the Year Award

Jon Fleischaker, The Father of Kentucky’s Open Meetings and Open Records Laws, and KPA General Counsel

Information about both of these contest categories and all the materials for the 2020 KPA Advertising and News contests can be found at https://www.newspapercontest.com/Contests/KentuckyPressAssociation.aspx


Last year, we inaugurated the first Jon Fleischaker Freedom of Information Award in the KPA News Contest. It was the product of Adam Yeomans and the Kentucky Associated Press and now we have the second annual Jon Fleischaker Freedom of Information Award.

It’s Category 27 in the KPA Editorial Contest.

27 – Jon Fleischaker Freedom of Information Award

Sponsored by The Associated Press: In honor of the author of the Open Meetings and Open Records Laws in Kentucky and general counsel to the Kentucky Press Association and numerous other newspapers, this award recognizes his lifelong commitment to the First Amendment.

Newspapers will enter in their respective overall divisions. All weeklies and multi-weeklies will enter as Weekly Newspaper; all dailies, published four or more times per week, will enter as Daily Newspaper; all members of the Kentucky Inter collegiate Press Association will enter as Student Publication. One First Place award will be presented in each of the three divisions.

A report, or collection of not more than five reports, produced by an individual or a team, that uses public records to shed light on an important community matter and to effect public policy change. Quality of reporting and writing will be considered along with the outcome or result of the reporting efforts. Entry may include supporting materials (explanatory note, follow-up stories) that demonstrate the results of the published work.

A first place award will be issued for Weekly newspapers, including multi-weekly publications; for Daily newspapers; for Student Publications that are members of the Kentucky Intercollegiate Press Association.

AP’s mission is to inform the world by providing fast, accurate reporting from every corner of the globe, across all media types and platforms. The AP operates 280 news bureaus in 110 countries, and fights aggressively to keep government open and accessible, filing actions on its own or joining coalitions of media organizations to preserve access to legal proceedings and access to government documents.

First KPA Journalist of the Year to be awarded

No entries are required.

A Journalist of the Year will be announced for the Weekly Division, Daily Division and Student Publication Division.

A journalist entering multi-classes will be eligible to receive points based on only one class.

Each Journalist of the Year will be named by totaling the points received in first (5 points), second (3 points) and third place (1 point) wins in the categories. The highest point total in a single division is the winner.

In case of a tie in points, the winner will be determined by the highest number of First Place wins.

If a tie still exists, Co-Journalists of the Year will be awarded.

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