Artificial Intelligence. Real News?

From 1A Podcast
Close your eyes and try to picture a journalist. You’re probably imagining someone holding a pencil and a skinny notebook, shouting questions at lawmakers. Or a reporter in front of a camera bringing you the latest from a scene? Or maybe you’re thinking of our show, with Joshua interviewing guests in our Washington, D.C. studio.
Well, what if all of that was replaced … by robots?
Okay, our show isn’t about to be hosted by a machine (yet). But artificial intelligence is already being used in newsrooms today.
For instance, there’s Heliograf, a bot developed by The Washington Post. Wired calls it “the most sophisticated use of artificial intelligence (AI) in journalism to date.” It’s capable of covering an event and adding context to the report, all without the assistance of humans. As of last September, Heliograf has written about 850 stories for the Post. [Listen to the podcast here]

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