As Trump impeachment inquiry moves to public hearings you can stay up with news to use, either paid or free

From Michael Kirby, Managing Editor, Federal Network

First known to the public for its work during the Clinton impeachment, Federal Network is pleased to announce a new tool for the news industry as the current process unfolds:

  1. FedNet’s NewsIntel ensures newsrooms will be able to make use of the fastest turnaround text available anywhere. Our AI-driven content creates impressively accurate text of the spoken word – syndicated live and synced immediately – with participants identified for quick attribution and quicker quotation. NewsIntel already produces press conferences and news events on Capitol Hill every day. Our impeachment package is priced for groups, granting ‘seats’ to news organizations for access to live text and quick reference of hearings segmented by yielded time to quicken review even more and related press conferences. Subscription Service.
  2. FedNet’s Livestream of the hearings. Separate from free embeds of gavel-to-gavel House and Senate floor sessions, news sites can place iframes within articles or standalone for playout. Free Content!

Editors, newsrooms and journalists: Contact FedNet today at (202) 393-7300 ext. 2.

Here’s a promotional video – click on the link below: 

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“How long it goes on really just depends on how long the Senate wants to spend on it.” – Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell

FedNet is a 25-year-old credentialed news organization on Capitol Hill.  FedNet broadcasts the House and Senate Floor Debates, hearings and press conferences through and news sites around the world. A leader in broadcast technology, FedNet is currently the largest producer of verbatim transcripts of Congressional events.

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