Ask and ye shall receive

And Alan a supply of border tape from Midwest Publishers Supply

Got a call Wednesday from Kathy Bay at the Bracken County News. We put out a plea for help a few years ago when she was running low on wax and the Brooksville weekly was in the same predicament this week. So Kathy asked me to send an email to publishers seeking Artwax. She’d done some shopping around but couldn’t find any so she thought maybe some newspapers had a few bars tucked away.

Alan Gibson of the Clinton County News offered proof he has some Artwax.

And boy did they!

No fewer than 11 newspapers responded that they had some Artwax that wasn’t in use any more and they’d be glad to help out the newspaper. And a couple still had waxers that Bracken County could have it Kathy wanted them.

Alan Gibson of the Clinton County News came through with flying colors. Er, wax. He had a couple of boxes tucked away.

And while searching for the wax, he came across another supply of what we used to use in laying pages. Border tape!! All sizes — from hairline to 4, 6 and 8 point. Need some? Now you know who has a supply!!

Seek and ye shall find!


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