AT&T, Verizon pause 5G roll-out because of concerns over FAA interference

AT&T and Verizon confirmed last week that they’ve agreed to temporarily pause rolling out 5G service that uses a new set of radio frequencies. The carriers will work with the US Federal Aviation Administration to address concerns about potential interference between key cockpit safety devices and towers on the ground transmitting 5G signals.

AT&T said in a statement that it planned to delay its 5G deployment until Jan. 5 after getting a request from the Transportation Department, which oversees the FAA.

A Verizon spokesman confirmed that the company has also agreed to a temporary pause in deployment of 5G over the C-band spectrum in order to work in good faith with the agency. But he said the company is still on track to deploy service using this midband spectrum.

The FAA on Tuesday issued a special information bulletin alerting manufacturers, operators and pilots about potential interference involving cockpit electronics and 5G. The FAA has said towers on the ground transmitting 5G over the C-band of wireless spectrum could interfere with automated cockpit systems such as those that help planes land in poor weather.

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