Back in the saddle again

John Nelson

You can take the boy out of KPA but you can’t take KPA out of the boy.

Or something like that, however the saying goes.

John Nelson has been involved with KPA since he first got into the business last century. Well, ok, the latter part of last century. He’d been active as a member, as a Board member, as a member of the News Editorial Division, working his way to President in 2004 and then continuing to be involved as a Past President and on the KPA Legal Defense Fund committee since its inception in 1996.

Then came retirement not long ago and while he retained his title as Past President and on the LDF Committee, he wasn’t as involved. Retired he still is in one sense but now he’s back active in the business, taking over for Benjy Hamm as the editorial director for Landmark Community Newspapers.

Benjy’s leaving Kentucky created not only that opportunity for John but also the chance to be back involved in KPA. Benjy had been chair of the News Editorial Division the last three or four years. John expressed an interest in chairing the division unless someone else wanted to serve. Division board members were invited to express that interest and when none did, well, John opened his mouth and now he’s in a two-year appointment as chairperson.

Serving as a division chair also puts John back on the Board as a voting member. It’s the largest state press association Board in the country what with some 28 voting members. And contrary to what some of my colleagues around the country might think, it’s a very manageable number. And our member newspapers can’t say they aren’t represented. Considering the many companies that are represented as well as independent weeklies because of those like L0yd Ford and Ryan Craig and Regina Catlett, it’s representation as it should be.

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