Best newsletter pop-ups and J-School student creates comic strip about Trump

My thanks to Jennifer Nelson with the Reynolds Journalism Institute who is always offering articles and ideas for On Second Thought that I can use to share with you, the readers. This week, Jennifer passed along a couple of suggestions so I’m including her background on these, then the two articles and links to them.

The first is from the Crosscut Public Media team who is building a newsletter tool to help newsrooms with their newsletters. This week’s post is about pop-ups as a way to get subscribers. Sangeeta shares a few of her favorites. The second is a comic strip that a Missouri School of Journalism student created about Trump. Not a new way of doing journalism but kind of a fun, visual way to share a story about Trump.  We’ve shared the note the artist wrote to readers. From there you can click on the link at the bottom to see the full comic.

1) Top 5 best newsletter pop-ups

By: Sangeeta Singh-Kurtz:  Sites can be dinged by Google for interrupting or obscuring the reader’s experience. So why bother? At nearly 2 percent, the conversion rate for pop-ups is remarkably high, and while using them may interrupt usability, gaining immediate access to a reader’s inbox is a powerful tool for newsrooms. 

2) DEAR READER: Why does this Trump article look like a comic book?

Editor’s note: There are plenty of challenges facing newsrooms around the country, so when you can knock off two birds with one stone it’s worth taking notice.

In this case the two challenges are:

1) How do we get folks to engage with content that might be outside the comfort zones created by social media news feeds; and,

2) how do we find new ways to tell stories by taking advantage of digital delivery?

Blake Nelson, a graduate student at the Missouri School of Journalism, did indeed figure out how to do both by exploring the so-old-it’s-new-again journalistic tool of the comic strip. Here’s how he described it.


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