BEWARE! Advertiser looking for cars to ‘plaster’ an ad but it’s a scam

Staff member Susy Parry got a message from the Central City Times Argus, wanting to know if a classified ad is legit. After researching the offer, Susy determined it is a scam. So if you get a classified request for a company looking to wrap cars in a business’ advertisement, beware!

Here’s the message from the advertiser to the Times Argus, then the ad and then Susy’s research result into the classified.

The best rule of thumb is this: If it is not a regular advertiser, question the legitimacy, and if there’s still a question about the ad, contact KPS.

The language used in the message to your newspaper is often a giveaway that the ad should be questioned. Such as “We will like to post an ad…”


We will like to post an ad with your newspaper. Please find the ad below:



FILASCO Media is seeking car owners willing to advertise with a big ad plastered on their car.

Compensation is $300 per week.

Send your car make/model to;


What will this cost to run for 4 weeks ? Do you accept Visa/Master ?



What Susy found out:

This is the scam:  link is

The Latest Car Wrap Scam

Ads on job boards and social media sites are claiming that you can make a couple hundred dollars by wrapping your car to advertise for brands like Monster Energy or Pepsi. If you don’t mind your car being a rolling commercial, it doesn’t sound like a bad way to earn some extra cash.

However, many of these ads are actually scams. What happens is that the fake company will send you a check for several thousand dollars. They will instruct you to deposit the check, keep part of it as your cut and wire the rest to another company that will wrap your car. But the check will bounce, and your bank will tell you it was a fraudulent check.

At this point, the money disappears, and you have to pay your bank back for the fake check.

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