Biases create tsunamis


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I seem to have a way of upsetting my liberal elitist journalism friends. Not because I think I am Zeus himself trying to over power Olympus (Kentucky), but simply because I call for balance and some degree of objectivity in news coverage.

It is so easy to slap a tag line along with your name declaring yourself the most trusted name in news; living up to it requires an honest look at yourself.

In today’s world of news coverage it seems the trend is to build a business model that puts in place an editorial viewpoint that can guarantee a large base of like-minded followers. Most times the biases are obvious and this is perfectly fine because we all know who is liberal and who is conservative.

My concern is piqued if, and only if, readers, listeners or viewers are being convinced to rely on one biased source and exclude other points of view or if the media source can’t distinguish the difference in news and opinion.
Wouldn’t you think this has something to do with why our country and state are so polarized? Wouldn’t it be equally justifiable to say this could be the foundation for why most of us are ignorant to truth on many issues?

Never have I asserted my opinions on every issue; I choose my battles and reserve my thoughts for issues I am prepared to defend with facts.

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