Bins set up in Franklin County for paper recycling

For the second time in the last month, a city has set up recycling bins to be used for paper recycling, including newsprint.

Last month it was Lexington and this week the city of Frankfort announced it will be placing bins for paper, including newsprint.


By Jordan Hensley, The State-Journal

The wait is over.

Starting next week, paper recycling returns to Frankfort.

New paper collection bins will open at the City of Frankfort’s Division of Solid Waste’s Recycle Center, 309 Rouse Avenue on Monday.

Franklin County’s bin will open on River Bend Road between the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office and fire department by the end of the week.

According to Frankfort’s Solid Waste Superintendent Byron Roberts, the city’s giant green container will be open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Yellow bins, such as this one in the parking lot behind the Lexington Herald-Leader, are to be used for recycling newsprint and other paper.

There are some limits on which paper products are allowed to be dropped off, Roberts said.

The Lexington Recycle Center, which is where Frankfort delivers its recycling to, will only accept newspaper, office paper, magazines, catalogs and paper mail.

Roberts said only the accepted paper may be placed in the box, no plastic bags.

Shredded paper, brown paper, paper board and paper towels and toilet paper are not accepted.

“Just normal, clean, everyday paper,” Roberts said.

Those who wish to recycle paper will have to drive to either the city or the county’s drop-off bin.

Brittany Woodward, Franklin County’s solid waste manager, said the county’s bin will also only accept newspaper, office paper, magazines, catalogs and paper mail.

Shredded paper, no brown paper or paperboard, paper towels and toilet paper are also not accepted.

Like the city, Woodward said only the accepted paper should be placed in the bins, no plastic bags.

Woodward said the weather is delaying the opening of the county’s paper bin, but it should be open by the end of next week.



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  1. Loyd Ford says:

    Calvert City, Pop. 2300, has recycling for years, newspaper, white paper cardboard, and plastic. I didn’t realize we were that far ahead of the game.

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