Blame it on the groundhogs! You can’t make these things up

Where’s Granny Clampett when we need her to take care of some groundhogs?

I knew Jim Hannah from his public information days with the Legislative Research Commission but recently saw his byline on news releases coming from the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet. Jim welcomed the change though it seems he’s doing more, a lot more, news releases than when he worked for LRC.

He emailed me after being on the job a couple of weeks just to let me know he’d changed jobs.

I congratulated him and took the time to suggest he could help do something about a dangerous situation near the office. The steel beams on the US 127 bridge over I-64 at exits 53A and 53B were about 1.5 to 2 inches above the roadway.

A couple of days later he emailed back and said transportation officials had determined the problem was caused by groundhogs. Apparently digging tunnels under the roadway was causing it to sink below the bridge’s beams. The state has been working the last 10 days to correct the situation. Jim updated me this week on the progress with a reminder to “blame it on the groundhogs.”

Granny Clampett would have just gotten her shotgun, taken care of the “varmints” and made some groundhog stew.

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