Board alters KPA/KPS staff schedules

In an effort to reduce operating costs, especially in the personnel area, the KPA/KPS Board of Directors approved new work hours for all 10 Central Office employees at its July 19 meeting.

The new schedule took effect Monday, August 6, and as usual, the KPA/KPS Central Office will be open and staffed throughout the day.

Five employees had their schedule cut to 32 hours per week to ensure eligibility for full-time benefits and five had their schedules reduced to 35 hours each week.

As a part of the considerations in the future, KPA/KPS President Peter Baniak has completed a survey of Board members on what services and programs are most beneficial and what the Board might consider in the future if programs need to be cut.

“The Board had a lengthy discussion and had several options at its disposal related to personnel. It could have produced some staff layoffs, it could have eliminated some services but did not, deciding to reduce work hours as a first attempt to reduce costs. The Board was fair in its decision and the staff is ready to move forward. While we’ve seen other press associations cut staff and services, very similar to what many of our member newspapers have had to face, we’ve been able to maintain a 10-member staff during difficult times.” Those are my comments on what the Board faced and what it decided to do.


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