Board approves discussions with Broadcasters Association to create Kentucky News Media Association

Could there be a Kentucky News Media Association in the future? Discussions will be underway in the near future as the Kentucky Press Association and Kentucky Broadcasters Association begin exploring the idea that was first proposed in 2010.

The KPA Board heard a briefing on the idea at its January 23 meeting and then formed a committee, mirroring action by the Kentucky Broadcasters Association a week earlier. Both groups have named committee members that will start exploring the idea of merging the two groups.

Once fierce competitors for news and advertising dollars, the newspaper and broadcast industry are more similar today than any time in the past. Newspapers have video news and livestream events; broadcasters have websites and online news publications, similar to the same offered by the newspapers. The two groups have joined forces in the past in group health insurance, in lobbying the legislature on Open Government and have joined voices in other areas.

In 2010, the idea was presented to both boards and approved. A committee of the two associations met at least twice and was making progress when the committee makeup changed with members leaving the industry and discussions went no further. The idea was revived at the KPA Fall Board Retreat when some members opined that it could help the future of both organizations and industries if the two combined.

KPA’s committee includes chair Dennis Brown, of the Lewis County Herald who also owns a radio station in Vanceburg; Jay Nolan, Nolan Group Media, and 2019 KPA President; Sharon Burton, Adair County Community Voice and 2020 KPA President-Elect; and Brandon Porter, editor of Kentucky Today, KPA’s newest Online Publication member.

As the committee begins discussions in the near future, we’ll keep you informed about its progress.

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