Body cam legislation headed to the interim

House Bill 416, legislation addressing the availability of police worn body cam videos, was on the House Local Government Committee Wednesday but at the beginning of the meeting, Chairman Michael Meredith, announced the bill would not be heard in committee.

Instead, in calling the legislation an important issue that needs to be discussed at length, body cam legislation will be one of the topics to be addressed during the interim with language expected to be brought to the 2018 session.

Chairman Meredith said all the groups involved — including KPA — would be meeting during the interim to work out agreed upon language and then bring that agreement to the committee for support.

KPA has language in place that would allow news gathering organizations to get access to the videos but in most all cases, a judge has to rule the video is to be made available before it can be released to any of the parties listed in legislation as having potential access.

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