Bomb threat at London printing plant wasn’t an anomaly; Lexington police investigating shooting at Herald-Leader was one of several vandalism acts

Last week’s story about the bomb threat appearing on a printer at Southeast Printing in London wasn’t unique. While there were no other businesses in Kentucky reporting such an incident, there were several reports in other states.

An identical message to the one received at London appeared in Portland, TN; in Wisconsin; in Lincolnton, NC; and even in Hawaii, as well as a few other states.

The messages were identical and pretty straight forward:

“Good Morning, I’ll be brief. I installed several explosives in the building. If you do not send in the amount of $25,000 by May 31st I will blow up this whole block. If you try to contact the police, I’ll know. I also have access to your computers and email addresses. Go to the nearest Western Union agency and send the amount to Emerson Eduardo Rodrigues Setim. The passport number is FO645170. It’s a brazilian passport. The city that the money will be withdraw is Chicago, Illinois, USA. Do as I say and no one will get hurt. P.S. I repeat if you try to contact the police I will known.”

Lexington Police investigating at least 41 reports of vandalism

Meanwhile, Lexington police have reported numerous vandalism acts over the last month and one included shattered windows at the Lexington Herald-Leader building.

Here’s a story on today about the spree.



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