Campbellsville offering Associate Degree or Certificate for Mass Communications at reduced rates

Interested in getting some college credit? Or better yet an Associate of Science in Mass Communications degree? And with a 10 percent discount on the cost?

Campbellsville University is offering an extensive online lineup of classes in Mass Communications that can lead to a degree or simply give a journalism professional some college education in areas important to the industry.

The Associate of Science in Mass Comm requires 29 hours in “General Education” and 31 hours in Mass Communication courses. Sixty total college credit hours are required for the Associate degree.

Campbellsville is also offering a Certificate for Mass Communication online, with an emphasis on Digital/Social Media, Digital Reporting, Visual Journalism and Marketing/Public Relations. Each area has 18 hours of credit available with six courses apiece.

Attached is a detailed list of the course options that are available. And again, through an offering to KPA, Campbellsville is offering the classes at a 10 percent discount to KPA member newspaper employees.


There are several options from the person who wants to add some hours to a college education to the one who has been out of school for several years and just wants to learn more about today’s technology and today’s newsroom, advertising department and marketing or public relations.

For more information about the Associate of Science or Certificate for Mass Communication, contact:

Joshua Fuqua for tuition rates and to enroll —

Stan McKinney for information on programs and classes —

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