Campbellsville offering Mass Com degree, online, with discount to KPA members

From Campbellsville University Mass Communications


Interested in completing a degree in mass communication in the comfort of your home?

Campbellsville University has launched a completely online associate’s degree in mass communication as well as several certificate programs designed to sharpen your skills in broadcasting, writing, photography, design, public relations and more.

A 10 percent discount in tuition is available for members of the Kentucky Press Association and their immediate families.

You can begin working on your degree or certificate in spring. Six courses, 18 of the required hours, for the degree will be offered online. The remainder should be available in fall of next year.

The courses to be offered in spring are: MAC 175 Introduction to Broadcast which will be taught during the first eight weeks of the semester. MAC 240 Reporting and Newswriting will be taught the second eight weeks.

MAC 330 Photojournalism will be taught the second eight weeks as will MAC 345 Mass Media Ethics, MAC 371 Writing for Public Relations and MAC 375 Digital Media Production.

Each counts three hours toward the associate’s degree which requires 31 hours in mass communication and 29 hours in general education courses.

MAC 120 Fundamentals of Speech and MAC 140 Introduction to Communication are also online in spring. Students must take one of those as part of their general education.

During the early summer term, MAC 210 Mass Media and Society will be taught as will MAC 365 Public Relations. MAC 330 Photojournalism will be taught online in June.

In early summer, MAC 380 Special Topics: Media in America will be taught. This course will take students to Washington, D.C. and include visits to various media as well as various museums relevant to the media. It will count as an elective for the degree.

Other electives will be available in fall of 2020.

Courses for fall of 2020 have not been set, but they will include other courses required for the associate’s degree as well as the certificate programs.

Those wanting more information or to enroll, should contact contact David Brunner,

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