Celebrate the 150th with a Silent Auction item from your part of the state

The 150th Anniversary Gala on Thursday, January 24, is going to be more than just a reception, dinner, dance and celebration of 150 years of the Kentucky Press Association. We want to use part of its as a Silent Auction with proceeds going to help fund college internships for the Kentucky Journalism Foundation. We’ve had that program since 1993 and it’s been a success. The Past Presidents plan on awarding 15 for 2019, at $4,000 each, but with a successful Silent Auction, they hope to increase the number.

Invitations to the Gala have been printed and should be in the mail the middle part of next week.

Every corner of the Bluegrass should be represented with something donated for the Silent Auction. You’ve got something in your area that would make a really nice Silent Auction item. Or maybe it’s one of you suppliers or vendors who makes a product that would be suitable. We’ll leave all of that to your imagination and ingenuity. But we’d like to have the state well represented with something donated by our members that can be used as an item.

Whatever it is, let us know what you’d like to donate and we’ll make arrangements to pick it up. We’d like to have all the donated items a week prior to the convention because we’ll be using an app for cell phones for you to make your bids on various items. And we need time to get all of those items plugged in so when you arrive for the Gala evening, you’ll be ready to start bidding on one or more of the items. So oh yeah, don’t forget your billfold, wallet or purse so you can make a purchase or two yourself.

Give it some thought and then email me with what you’re going to donate for the Silent Auction. Just send that to dthompson@kypress.com and I’ll make sure it gets shared with those helping us with the Silent Auction. And thanks in advance for helping to make the special evening an even greater success because of the Silent Auction to help in the internship program.

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