Chalkbeat and RJI initiate project to track diversity of sources and database

Chalkbeat is working with the Donald W. Reynolds Journalism Institute on a system where they can efficiently track the diversity of their sources over time, and hold themselves accountable for representing all the voices in the communities they serve. They also want to build a comprehensive source database for reporters across their expanding network of bureaus.

And they want to solve these problems — and share the solutions, beyond Chalkbeat. In partnership with RJI, they’ll work to create a replicable resource that any journalism organization can use to track and improve source diversity.

They need help: They’re starting this project with an audit of the audits, so to speak. They want to learn what’s worked and what hasn’t in various newsrooms’ systems for source tracking.

Does your newsroom have lessons to share? Or are you thinking about creating a system of your own? Either way, let them know, they’d love to talk to you.

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