Checked your internet speed lately? You might be surprised with the results

Back during the holidays, my Internet (Spectrum) was running slow. It was taking minutes to access emails and even longer to open a website. Corey (Wall) told me to check to see what the speed was. I’m paying for 100 mbps speed at home, through Spectrum. Surprise!! My internet speed tested out at 19.0 mbps. That’s a far cry from the 100 or so it should have been showing.

Spectrum sent a tech to the house and he said something about the “amplification” was running at 22, and it should have been minus 10 to positive 12. He made some changes and then had me use Spectrum’s speed test. I was already up in the 70s just with the amplification change made. When I got to the office the next day, I checked the speed there. It was in the high 70s, and it, too, is supposed to be 100. Yes, I know between download and upload there is a difference so a high 70 mbps is very acceptable.

Made me wonder if our members check their Internet speed often. So have you?

There are a couple of options — — and there’s the Spectrum speed test that should work even if you are not a Spectrum customer.

So give that a try —

Of course, the Spectrum tech preferred using that one but again, it appears to work wherever you are and whether you’re a Spectrum customer or not.

He did explain that someone near the router, using an old iPhone could really affect the speed. And it would be common for someone closer to the router to get a higher speed than I would, sitting further from the router. Teresa’s new computer was maxing out in the high 70s when I was in the high teens to low 30s. Part of that is her laptop is much newer than this 11 year old Mac and she was about 15 feet closer to the route than I.

There are other factors but consider that the older the equipment, the further you are from the router, apparently the more it really slows the Internet speed.

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