Citizens’ voice can be heard and magnified with advocacy techniques

I pass it along because it shows the strength of citizen advocacy. It’s very similar to KPA’s approach in contacting legislators. Except for the House and Senate members who represent me, the other 136 owe me nothing. I’m not a constituent and they look at me as a lobbyist. But when there’s an issue that makes an impact on you, your newspaper, it’s YOUR voice that makes the difference. Your voice will be heard much better than mine. They can give me lip service and accept my invitation to meet with them. But they don’t have to listen and they don’t have to accept what I’m saying. You, on the other hand, have the impact to make a difference, just as every constituent does of every legislator.


This is from Tonda Rush, National Newspaper Association:

Take a look at this research. It shows the importance of building long-term in-person relationships with lawmakers and staff.  Our industry hasn’t quite gotten to the point yet that it considers this work part of the normal course of business. We’re better. But we aren’t there yet.


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