CKNJ moving to weekly status

Central Kentucky News Journal publisher Jeff Moreland called Thursday to say the twice-weekly will become a weekly (Thursday.) That happens in the first week of October.

That schedule means the Campbellsville twice-weekly will compete this year in the Multi-Weekly contest division and next year in Weekly, Class 3.

(Editor’s Note: Been there, done that. At Georgetown, we were a twice-weekly with The Times on Tuesday, The News on Friday. The decision was made mid-year of 1979 to go to weekly. Published on Thursday. Like Jeff mentioned, the move at Georgetown meant less printing, more time to focus on getting one issue done instead of spreading the staff thin, postage costs and other expenses unique to putting out a twice-weekly. So on September 5, 1979, the Georgetown News-Times was unveiled. Did we look like geniuses with the first issue? By 8:40 that morning, 40 minutes after the drug stores and other news outlets opened up, they were out of that week’s issue. We called the Paris Daily Enterprise, went back on the press and ran another 1,000 copies. 

So were we geniuses by making the move? Or was it that the lead story was about Scott County’s first major drug bust? I tend to think moving to weekly had nothing to do with being sold out so quickly. But who’s to say and I hope Jeff and the CKNJ staff are rewarded with a quick sellout of all copies.)


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