Color-coded lanyards indicate lobbyists’ interactions with legislators, LRC staff, visitors

Beginning immediately, the Legislative Research Commission is initiating new security badges for lobbyists and others. Lobbyists have long used the state-issued badges to be able to bypass sign-in desks at entrances to the Capitol and the Annex. The badges also activate the automatic doors at entrances.

But of interesting note, the LRC will now supply lanyards if the lobbyist is interested. And if so, the lanyards are color-coded to indicate the lobbyist’s willingness to shake hands, social distance or no restrictions on any kind of interaction.

This from the Kentucky Legislative Ethics Commission (KLEC):

New Color-Coded Lanyards

We strongly encourage all visitors to use lanyards. You can use your own lanyard, or LRC can supply you one free of charge in the Public Information Office.

We are also taking this opportunity to introduce a new color-coded lanyard system that will help you communicate your personal boundaries during COVID-19. When you pick up your badge, you may choose from green, yellow, red, and black lanyards, all representing a different comfort level with physical interactions.

Green shows that you are open to a handshake.

Yellow indicates that you are a bit cautious and appreciate others respecting your space.

Red tells others that you are social distancing as much as possible.

Black tells others you have no qualms about interactions.

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