Committee to Protect Journalists launches ‘Police and the Press: What comes next?’ audio feature

U.S. Press Freedom Tracker shows 14 incidents in Louisville

The past year saw an unprecedented number of attacks on journalists covering protests in the U.S. The majority of documented cases involve alleged police abuse. What happened? How did we get here? What can be done so it doesn’t happen again?
The Committee to Protect Journalists published a new audio feature this week around the anniversary of the start of the George Floyd protests and the factors that led authorities to violate many reporters’ rights during protests this past year. CPJ spoke with US reporters injured while reporting, as well as press freedom advocates on ideas about how to reshape law enforcement’s relationship with the media. The piece also focuses on the experiences of journalists of color reporting on the protests and the unique threats they face.
Coinciding with the anniversary, the U.S. Press Freedom Tracker also published a thorough analysis earlier this week on press freedom violations this past year, and highlights stats on the many press freedom violations that occurred at protests.

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