Community Journalists vs. COVID-19: There’s a Facebook group for that

And you’re invited to join. Some of your Kentucky newspaper colleagues have already done so.

Jacquelin Bennett, customer experience representative for the Lewis County Press in St. Louis, MO, started the group and explains: “My hope for the group is to create an environment online where fellow journalist communicate and share ideas about what is going on in their coverage area and what is working. When this COVID stuff first started happening I (we) saw the importance (more now than ever) for us to stick together and help each other survive!

“Businesses and communities everywhere are struggling to survive. As we face uncertain times it is important to remember we are not alone. Lewis County Press has created this Facebook group “Community Journalists VS COVID-19” so we can join together and share ideas of how we are helping to support our communities and how they can help support us, their local news source. We are all in this together. United we stand!

You can join by going to Community Journalists vs. COVID-19 on the group’s Facebook Page — Community Journalists vs COVID-19


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