Competition for local advertising dollars never ends as clubs, organizations discover sales value

This part of On Second Thought is a sidebar to the item on “NASCAR like?”

It brings to mind a few complaints I’ve received in 2019, with an additional three or four in years before 2019.

Back before several of you were even born, we did convention programs and ad seminars on how to compete for advertising dollars with the likes of Yellow Pages, billboards, posters and even our friends in the broadcast media.

Then technology came along and we were fighting websites, Facebook and other social media. Seems those started vying for the advertising dollars that were available. Companies created their own websites and added online shopping and didn’t pay attention anymore to advertising in traditional media. And seeing the value of low cost advertising through social media opportunities, the likes of Facebook reached out to bring in more dollars, more advertising. But the competition there has expanded exponentially.

Been to a Little League baseball game recently? Look around at all of the fields the parks and recreation department has and you’ll notice outfield fences with large signs advertising local businesses. Go to a high school football or basketball game and you’ll find signs hanging all over the place as local businesses have been coerced into sponsoring the local teams with advertising placards. Boosters Club are big into getting advertising dollars so that sports teams will have uniforms, the best equipment and travel budgets to even go far into another state to compete in a holiday tournament. And those booster clubs are putting out programs that are sponsored by additional advertising from locals. And don’t forget Boosters Clubs for local high school bands. That’s big business for advertising dollar competition

More recent complaints have come from newspapers where the local Chamber of Commerce is selling ads on its website or other social media platform, even putting out thick Visitor Guides that are chock full of advertising as businesses attempt to attract those who might be visiting the community in the not-to-distant future.

Little League baseball, high school athletic teams and Chambers of Commerce could be minor competitors if a piece of legislation in the form of House Bill 160 is approved and becomes law in July. Add in a powerful sales opportunity if the state goes after sponsorship of its bridges, roads, tunnels, welcome centers and rest area. But as On Second Thought points out, those things are just a tip of the iceberg to what the state might be able to lure as advertising dollars.

Forget Yellow Pages and some of the ad dollar competitors in the 1980s and 90s. The broadcast media is still around and strong but these days we’re more apt to work with them in fighting for advertising dollars because we both believe in the traditional media.


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