Connect a newsroom voice with the community via podcast

Podcasts create an audience connection by connecting your community with a voice from your newsroom. This can diversify your audience’s experience through audio accessibility which gives you the opportunity to reach new parts of your community. One of The Washington Post’s most popular podcasts is “Can He Do That?”  It discusses the powers and limitations of the President, and how to put them to the test. Host Allison Michaels believes that podcasts such as “Can He Do That?” are crucial for a newsroom looking to grow.

“It introduces your readers to the real people behind the newsroom and increases the level of transparency and trust,” Michaels said. She also gives listeners the chance to submit questions that may then be addressed during the podcast.  “This gives people that opportunity to really unpack these questions because most often the answer is not “yes” or “no” but somewhere in between,” Michaels said.

Author Trent Tarantino then shares tips for getting started and choosing a platform.

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