Contact your local public library about purchasing a copy of ‘Still, We Speak’

A few weeks ago, a “graduate” of the first KPA Journalism Boot Camp contacted me about a book she was writing. It had to do with a journalist and she wanted me to read over the chapter about his newspaper career and the Kentucky Press Association.

She didn’t have to open the door too far for me to get a request in. She told me she was working at the Scott County Public Library. So when I agreed to proof and edit that part of the book, I returned the favor. “This is KPA’s 150th anniversary and John Nelson, a KPA Past President, has written a book about KPA’s first 150 years. I think the library would love to have its own copy of the book, ‘Still, We Speak.'”

Fast forward to a few days ago. The call came in from the librarian. They had heard about the book and wanted to purchase a copy. So I directed her to the website — — and she could order it online. And I explained being a government agency, the library would be tax-exempt and not have to pay the sales tax. The Scott County Public Library now has its own copy of “Still, We Speak.”

She made good on her promise to purchase a copy and that made me think of all local public libraries and branches across the state. Every one of them needs its own copy of the book for library patrons.

So take a couple of minutes, contact the local librarian, give them then website and suggest the library purchase a copy of “Still, We Speak.” It’ll be a great addition to its shelves. And don’t overlook any branch 0f the local public library about getting a copy.

The cost is $29.95 and sales tax is not added on for these tax-exempt agencies. There is a $3 shipping fee so the total price would be $32.95.

We had contacted the state librarian about purchasing one copy for every public library but found out that contacting the local public libraries directly would be the best route.

So help us out! Contact the librarian, tell them about the book and to go to and purchase a copy.

Or if you’re willing, purchase a copy of John Nelson’s book for the local library offices and note inside that the book is given to the library on behalf of your newspaper. If you do purchase one, the full cost of $34.95 must be paid because of the requirement of state sales tax. You can order the book at the URL listed above.

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