Contest winners have been announced. Kinda

We don’t ever release much information about who won what in the KPA Ad Contest and KPA News Contest but we do let you know names of staff members who won at least a First, Second or Third Place. I mean what more would you need to know right now?

And we listed each person getting a First, Second or Third just one time on the email to the newspapers. Doing all of the names for each individual award would have taken much longer to put together.

Consider between the two contests, there are a total of 659 names/places so putting each name just once cuts down on the time involved in getting the list together while continuing to withhold some of the information.

A few states release everything prior to the awards ceremonies. But that takes the surprise out of it. And it would cut down on attendance and probably some of the cheering and High Fives.

So we’ve released all of the information we’re going to, emailing the publisher and ad manager for the Ad Contest, the publisher and the editor for the News Contest. The information was pretty bland; a list of staff member names who have won at least a First, Second or Third Place. Period.

Beyond that, not even an Open Records request can pry the complete list from my laptop. And even a request for an Attorney General’s Decision won’t change my mind.

But the notifications are now in the hands of the publishers, editors and ad managers only to be fully announced Friday, January 21, 2022 at the Marriott East in Louisville.

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