Convention is just around the corner

The Marriott East Hotel, just off Hurstbourne Lane and I-64 in Louisville is the host facility for the 2017 KPA Convention.

The Marriott East Hotel, just off Hurstbourne Lane and I-64 in Louisville, is the host facility for the 2017 KPA Convention.

You might consider 2017 our first convention in two years. That’s because the 2016 edition was blizzarded out. Oh, some of us got there, some trade show booths were set up, we got a little bit of business done in the Board meeting and that’s where the decision was made. Send everyone home and get the message out to others that we’re canceling the 2016 KPA Winter Convention.

So January 19-20, 2017, KPA/KIPA/KHSJA will be at the Marriott East in Louisville for the 2017 KPA Winter Convention. (Maybe we should eliminate the word “Winter” from the name.)

We’re bringing you basically the same program that was scheduled for 2016 and we appreciate the speakers understanding the dilemma for 2016 and willing to make their plans for January 2017 to be with us.

The convention website with the complete registration form should be active early in the week. We’ll let everyone know when the site is launched and you can begin registering for the convention. Notice below, a pdf with the outline of the 2017 program as well as link below that to making room reservations at the Marriott East Hotel.

We will be adding programs to the Kentucky Intercollegiate Press Association schedule but you can preview KPA’s portion here — 2017-kpa-convention

As for room reservations at the Marriott East, please go ahead now and make those reservations with the hotel. You can do it online. We encourage you to not wait. Many attendees in 2015 when we were at the Marriott East ended up staying at other hotels in the Hurstbourne Lane.I-64 area because they didn’t make reservations in time.

So here’s the warning — make the reservations now online at

Now here’s the most important reason to make your reservation NOW! Sleeping rooms are just $106 per night. Single, double, triple, quad, squadron, battalion or what have you. However, once the cutoff date arrives, (January 5), room costs will skyrocket. So don’t wait and save yourself some Big Bucks by making the reservation early.


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