Convention photos push KPA’s Facebook Page to new levels

I guess our members love to see their photos and pictures of fellow newspaper folks on the KPA Facebook Page. I make that assumption from the Weekly Reach and People Engaged results from our Facebook analytics.

With over 16,000 reached and 1,180 people engaged, we saw increases of 8,934.1 percent and 7,256.3 percent in both areas over the previous week.

We also had several newspapers posting pictures and results from the KPA Facebook Page on their own newspaper Facebook Page, touting the success of their staff members in winning Advertising Excellence and News Excellence awards.

And Trade Show exhibitor Our-Hometown with Matt Larson, posted several items on that company’s Facebook Page, checking in with a picture and comment about Lisa Griffin’s technology session. Matt also listened to Penny Muse Abernathy’s keynote speech at lunch and notes he came away “feeling inspired.” He says the sessions with Lisa Griffin gave him several shortcuts to use.

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