Countdown to contests deadline

The last two days have been something. Emails galore, even the phone has been ringing and it’s good because it means newspapers are doing all they can to meet today’s deadline to get entires submitted for the Advertising Excellence in Kentucky Newspapers and Excellence in Kentucky Newspapers News Contest.

This week, we’ve gone from a few entries already submitted to a non-stop process the last two days.

With just a few hours remaining, I’ll go ahead and give you some figures now, realizing these are going to change because newspapers are still uploading entries for both contests.

But as of 2:22 p.m. today, we have:

$21,119 in income from the contests

3,017 entries total

758 entries in the Ad Contest

2,260 entries in the News Contest


But keep those entries rolling in. We’ll keep it open to 4:59 p.m. today. Actually, I had been saying Eastern time. But since the system is operated by the Illinois Press Association and since all of Illinois is on Central Time (or God’s Time as they refer to it), it’ll be open to 4:59 p.m. CENTRAL Time today.


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