Crittenden Press getting doctors, businesses, public agencies involved in encouraging vaccine

From Chris Evans, The Crittenden Press

The Crittenden Press has published a first-person article from a local medical doctor encouraging vaccines; an article about a nurse practitioner whose husband was hospitalized and unvaccinated, and she changed her tune on the vaccine in a hurry; and we have had a couple of recent op-ed pieces, too. Allison wrote a very well-received column a couple of weeks ago comparing it to smallpox and polio.

Last week, we began a front-page feature where businesses and/or agencies, including local government, are encouraged to tell us how many of their folks are vaccinated. Then we publish what they tell us. City council went first. We have had good response to that so far.

I attended the funeral of a husband and wife – both unvaccinated – who died last week. The wife previously worked for us for several years. We plan to touch on that this coming week. If COVID hasn’t hit your doorstep yet, it’s coming.

We have a segment of our community, like most others do, who are explicitly against the vaccine. Some of those folks command a large audience, but as the community newspaper so we do we.

Our op-eds have always leaned to the conservative side of the isles. We have been somewhat reluctant until now to stick our noses squarely into the middle of this, but it is time. The virus knows neither class, party nor denomination.

To oppose it we must arm ourselves in like manner. I am reminded of the phrase in Dante’s Furnace that “The darkest places of hell are reserved for those who maintain their neutrality in times of moral crisis.”

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  1. Allison Shepherd says:

    This is my hometown, and the husband/wife they speak to were personal friends. Another classmate lost his battle to COVID just a few days ago.

    My small town is hurting, and my heart is breaking.

    Thanks Chris and Allison for talking the ‘real talk’ and making everyone aware.

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