Crittenden Press presentation turns into math lesson for fifth graders

From the Crittenden Press

What’s the most economical way to purchase The Crittenden Press?

Fifth-grade students at Crittenden County Elementary School applied math skills to break down the weekly cost of the newspaper after hearing a presentation by Press owner Allison Evans April 12.

Evans’ presentation began as a lesson on the importance of the newspaper to citizens and included examples of how improper use of commas can misconstrue sentence meaning.

One example was this:

Let’s eat, Josh.

Let’s eat Josh.

Without the comma in the preceding sentence, the meaning is dramatically changed, drawing chuckles from the fifth graders.

During a question and answer session, students asked the cost of the newspaper, which varies depending on whether Press subscribers buy the paper’s print or online edition.

After Evans’ visit, students wrote essays summarizing the importance of the newspaper in the community and used math to determine the least expensive means of obtaining the paper.

Divided among 52 weeks of the year, students determined that the least expensive means to purchase The Press is a $21.95 per year online subscription.

Due to mailing costs, out-of-state subscribers pay the most expensive price.

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