D.C. City Council votes to devastate local news, advertising agencies with 3% advertising tax

Members of the MDDC (Maryland, Delaware, District of Columbia) Press Association, MDCD Broadcasters Association and the American Advertising Federation, DC join together against the actions of the D.C. City Council, which voted in favor of a budget that includes a devastating 3% sales tax on advertising and sales of personal information.

“With less than 24 hours’ notice and no opportunity for the public – including those businesses most affected – to share their opinions, D.C.’s City Council on Tuesday granted preliminary approval of a new, devastating 3% sales tax on advertising and sales of personal information, supposedly to help balance a budget ravaged by COVID-19. Part of the proposed 2020-21 budget, this new tax would be levied on the planning, creation, placement, and display of advertising in print, broadcast, and digital media. The Council released the new $18 million tax less than 18 hours before unanimously voting in favor of it. Where does this new repressive tax leave District residents and businesses?”

Click here to read the joint statement in its entirety.

This is a significant threat to news media and local businesses that rely on affordable advertising in print, digital, broadcast and other forms. MDDC, along with other industry partners, is committed to fighting this new tax.

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