Deadline to file USPS Statement of Ownership is October 1; fill out the Rate Information Form, too

Paid newspaper members: The deadline to complete and file your annual U.S. Postal Statement of Ownership, Management and Circulation (Form 3526) with your postmaster is Oct. 1.
This form must be published in your newspaper as follows:
  • Dailies and 2-3 Times Weekly: by Oct. 10
  • Weeklies: by Oct. 31
KPA members must also mail a copy of the form to KPA. This is a requirement of membership.
Send a published copy of the Statement of Ownership to:
Statement of Ownership
Kentucky Press Association
101 Consumer Lane
Frankfort, KY 40601

Deadline to file your 2021 Rate Information Form with KPA is Friday, November 13!

The days are getting shorter, the weather soon will be cooler, football is on the horizon (we hope), and the Derby finally arrived last Saturday.

All of that’s to say it’s closing in on the end of the year and that’s when we start making plans for year-end duties such as publication of the next year’s KPA Directory. So we’re starting that process, asking you to go ahead and fill out the Rate Information Form and submit it.

Full members including Online Newspapers and Associate Member Newspapers, we need your attention!

We understand your ad rates may not be established until late in the year or even until the beginning of the next year so please complete at least the basic information about your newspaper that we publish in each annual directory. You can submit advertising rates later if necessary.

We use this information for the annual directory and to also quote advertising rates to agencies and advertisers for the coming year.

Please click here and complete the Rate and Data sheet for your newspaper(s) so that we can have up-to-date information about each KPA member newspaper. It’s a fillable PDF so you don’t have to handwrite anything. Just call up the form, fill out each line as best you can and email the completed form to


And while we have your attention, it’ll be just a little over three weeks when October arrives and you know that means having your Statement of Ownership filled out and filed with the Postal Service. You might as well start getting ready to file that form as well. Newspapers with a Periodicals Class mailing permit must send a copy of the October 2020 Statement of Ownership to KPS, 101 Consumer Lane, Frankfort, KY 40601.

If you have any questions, please contact David T. Thompson at or 502-223-8821.

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