Dennis Brown, Jane Ashley Pace recommended by Board to serve as 2022 KPA Vice President

One of the most important actions at the annual KPA Fall Board Retreat is recommending to the full membership at least two individuals to serve as Vice President the following year. The board must recommend at least two, but can recommend up to three, and then ballots are sent to the publisher/general manager of each member newspaper.

Those letters including the ballot were put in the mail yesterday, personally addressed to the publisher/GM of each member newspaper. Each member gets one vote on KPA business matters.

Be watching for the letter to arrive soon, mark the ballot and return. The individual getting the most votes will serve as Vice President for 2022 and it was agreed on by the board that the other individual will serve as Treasurer in 2022.

The deadline to return the ballot is Thursday, December 2 at 5 p.m. Eastern.

In the following two items, we introduce you to both candidates in alphabetical order.

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