Down to the final four: Legislators taking a break before session goes ‘Sine Die’

The House and Senate both adjourned Wednesday, until next Tuesday, as the 2017 short session begins its last hurrah. While some committees did meet Thursday, so that more legislation could be ready for votes by the full chambers, for the most part legislators are home until the gavel bangs in the Day 27 on Tuesday. Then on Wednesday, the schedule calls for them to adjourn for two weeks, in Veto Session before returning March 29 and 30 to shut down the 30-day session.

Of course, it apparently won’t be the only time they’ll be in session in 2017 as rumors are rampant that at least a Special Session on Tax Reform will be called by the governor, perhaps soon after the final gavel rings in Sine Die. There are also rumors that a second Special Session could be held in 2017, this to deal with the ever-mounting pension issue.

Wednesday brought news of a Floor Amendment filed by Rep. Kevin Bratcher, R-Louisville, that would change the publication of the election ballot. But it pertains only to Jefferson County, as written. However, an easy strike thru of language in the amendment, could make it applicable to every county.

We’ve been told by those pushing the measure that no other county clerk is interested in changing the ballot publication but with some legislators liking to twist the dagger on newspapers, caution looms. There’s no guarantee by any interest group or legislator that amending an amendment won’t happen.

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