duPont Manual student newspaper gets national attention for Open Records efforts exposing KSP training

Google duPont Manual KSP and you’ll likely find pages and pages of links to stories about the Open Records efforts of journalism students for the Manual Redeye, the school’s student newspaper.

The stories are top quality and show the use of Open Records laws to make the public aware of training videos used by the Kentucky State Police. Gov. Andy Beshear took time during one of his COVID update press conferences to denounce the video, exposed by the students’ efforts. Soon thereafter, State Police Commissioner Rodney Brewer announced his resignation, a post he had been appointed to by Beshear. Since then, other changes at KSP have been announced.

Here are two stories the Manual Redeye did after reviewing the records from KSP and then Google duPont Manual KSP to see stories from across the country giving accolades to the students.

KSP training slideshow quotes Hitler, advocates ‘ruthless’ violence

Despite claims, second Kentucky State Police slideshow suggests “ruthless” violence taught for years

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