Eastern Progress, Murray State News, Kentucky Kernel, College Heights Herald, Talisman named to Pacemaker’s Top 100

Four Kentucky college student newspapers and a Yearbook/Magazine have been selected to the Pacemaker Top 100.

Associated Collegiate Press — home of the prestigious Pacemaker awards — proudly recognizes its top 100 publications as it launches its centennial celebration.

Founded in 1921, ACP has trained and honored collegiate journalists through conventions, workshops and awards.

First presented in 1927 as the Pace-Maker, the Pacemaker awards are now recognized as the top prizes in collegiate journalism. They honor the very best collegiate broadcasts, magazines, newspapers, online publications, and yearbooks. In 2020, Pacemaker awards for Business and Innovation were introduced.

“The Pacemaker really represents the best of the best and it is appropriate that we recognize the rich tradition this award has in collegiate  journalism as part of our centennial celebration,” ACP associate director Gary Lundgren said.

The Pacemaker 100 represents a one-time snapshot of the top 100 publications recognized in the competition during its history. Each Pacemaker finalist was awarded five points and each Pacemaker earned 10 points. The results were tabulated in June 2021.

The Pacemaker 100 winners are listed in alphabetical order and below are the honored publications from Kentucky.

Also announced at the convention will be the Top 10 of the Pacemaker 100. The top winners will be in ranked order along with the number of Pacemaker and Pacemaker finalists awards the publication earned over the last century.

“It was fun to reflect on the history of the award and to recognize the publications during the past century with a rich Pacemaker history — this is a remarkable achievement,” he said. Since 1927, there have been 1,800 Pacemaker awards presented to collegiate publications. An additional 1,450 Pacemaker finalists have been awarded over the years.

“While it is certainly a remarkable achievement to earn a dozen or more Pacemakers, it is also exciting to see the many publications that earned a single Pacemaker over the last century,” Lundgren said. “Their hard work and excellence landed them a place in collegiate journalism history, and that’s also worth celebrating.”

During the upcoming school year, a searchable database of member publications earning Pacemaker recognition will be added to the ACP website.

The Pacemaker 100 will be showcased in “Empowering Student Journalists,” a commemorative book documenting and celebrating the role of ACP in educating, influencing and promoting the student press. “Empowering Student Journalists” will be released at the New Orleans convention.

Kentucky honorees:

The Eastern Progress
Eastern Kentucky University
Richmond, Kentucky

The Murray State News
Murray State University
Murray, Kentucky

The Kentucky Kernel
University of Kentucky
Lexington, Kentucky

College Heights Herald
Western Kentucky University
Bowling Green, Kentucky

Western Kentucky University
Bowling Green, Kentucky

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