Emily DeLetter — Franklin Favorite Intern

Completes dual internship with Franklin Favorite, Macon County Times in Tennessee


Emily DeLetter

This summer I was given the opportunity to complete a two-in-one internship. I divided my time between my original internship, the Franklin Favorite in Franklin, Kentucky and the Macon County Times in Lafayette, Tennessee. While working for both of these news organizations was not the way I had originally anticipated my internship program to go, I really enjoyed working and learning from both.

Reporting and working in two professional newsrooms proved to be an invaluable experience. The franklin favorite taught me the ins and outs of community journalism, the importance of engaging directly with the community and the value that comes along with small town living. One of my favorite events to work was the ‘Love in Bloom’ festival, which celebrated the 50-year wedding anniversary between Johnny Cash and June Carter. Working a festival that the whole town was so interested and invested in showed me how the community worked together to promote something they loved.

Through the franklin favorite I also helped with more of the everyday aspect of journalism—the areas of the newspaper that are expected to be there; areas I had no previous experience putting together. I attended city commission meeting, city council meetings, visited the circuit clerk to obtain deeds and marriage records. While these are not always viewed as the most exciting parts of the job to work, they showed me the behind-the-scenes parts that make a newspaper run.

My previous work with my student newspaper consisted mainly of reporting—and it ended there. I had no experience putting together a budget for a section of the newspaper, limited experience with photography and editing other reporters’ articles. I enjoyed learning these new skills and know I will be able to apply them to future work.

While the Macon County Times was a surprising addition to my internship this summer, I learned valuable lessons working for that newspaper. It was a smaller newspaper but working with the staff in a mainly rural community was a wonderful experience.

I thoroughly enjoyed my time spent this summer with my internship and would highly recommend it to anyone interested in the journalism area in the future.

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